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Horki Authorities Prohibit Issue of New Newspapers

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Horki district executive committee did not let a member of the Belarusian People’s Front Party Eduard Brokarau to issue newspapers. Brokarau wanted to receive a license for advertisement, trade and issue of newspapers.

In the answer to his application the chair of the executive committee Mikhail Anikeyeu wrote that three state newspapers were issued in the district and it was enough to provide the citizens with information.

‘They know me as an activist of the BPF Party and For Freedom! movement and a man of democratic views. Now they are fighting against democrats with all means possible. They understand that I will never write about their mythic harvests and milk yields. I will write what I see. It is one of my principles. They don’t need the truth,’ commented Eduard Brokarau to Radio Liberty.

At present the activist issues in Horki the Uzgorak and Horatski Vybar newspapers and edits the Vybar – newspaper of Mahiliou oblast coalition of democratic forces.

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