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Hrodna: Ministry of Emergency Situations Prohibits UCP Office to Accept More than 15 Persons at Once

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The chairman of Hrodna oblast office of the United Civil Party stated that the Ministry of Emergency Situations handed to him a ruling ‘on suspension of the organization’s activities’. By this ruling the UCP members are ordered to stop holding mass events in the UCP office in Budzionny Stret 48a-100 in Hrodna.

‘Actually, by this ruling the activities of the UCP branch are prohibited, because it is banned to have more than 15 persons at a time in the reception room, while 50 and more people come to our events. Even holding a general assembly of Hrodna city organization is a problem now,’ commented the chair of Hrodna city UCP organization Yury Istomin.

‘The events there are held by public organizations, political parties and the Polish community. Of course, the closure of the office is good for the official, because we do not need to obtain their permission for holding these events in the office’, commented Istomin to the UCP press service.

A representative of Hrodna oblast office of the United Civil Party said that this ruling was a result of a visit of the police and the ministry officials to the office on 2 February. That day there was a concert dedicated to the 170th anniversary of Kastus Kalinouski’s birthday. The event was attended by more than 100 persons.

‘It is quite strange that during earlier check-ups the ministry representatives had no pretensions. The trouble started only after the events that are held at the reception room of the party office became popular and started gathering hundreds of people,’ emphasized Yury Istomin.

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