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Minsk Dwellers Sue against Eviction from City Center

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Dwellers of Karl Marx Street in Minsk have sent collective letters to the presidential administration, the State Control Committee, the department of financial investigation on Minsk and Minsk region, and to the Prosecutor General on the issue of the planned expulsion and turning the street into a pedestrian area.

‘It is totally incomprehensible for us why a three-star hotel is to be built in this street, for instance, if a four-start hotel Minsk is situated nearby. Why a casino and night clubs should be built in the pedestrian street? Why a parking-place is to be constructed in the place of a house, if an underground parking had been constructed not far away, in Independence Square? To my mind, it would bring to a situation when the district of Marks Street would turn into a criminogenic place for hobos,’ told a dweller of the house #17 in Marx Street, Dzmitry Marchanka. As said by him, plans for turning Marx Street into a pedestrian street contradict Decree No. 330 of July 14, 2004 ‘On development of the historical center of Minsk’.

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