Aliaksandr Vasilyeu Fined

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On 1 February the judge of Pinsk city court Tatsiana Svibovich fined the activist of the campaign For Free Development of Business Aliaksandr Vasiliyeu 700 000 rubles for ‘insubordination to the police’ in connection with the events of 21 January. That day Pinsk entrepreneurs staged a spontaneous meeting near Pinsk city executive committee.

Mr. Vasilyeu informed RFE/RL that the court had considered two police reports against him. He managed to disprove one of them even without a lawyer.

‘They contradicted themselves. They even said that I had been throwing myself at the passing cars. Complete nonsense! The main thing was that we made the policemen show the place in our scheme, where they were standing. The distance from me was 90 meters. The court had to confess, that it is impossible to hear a man swearing with dirty words in such a distance, if you are sitting in a car, as they did.’