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Authorities to publish “Ideology of Belarusian State in Questions and Answers”

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By March 25th, the Information and Analytical Center, which has been recently headed by Aleh Praliaskouski, is charged to carry out an opinion poll aimed at revealing the most urgent problems of political, economic, social and cultural life of the country.

The appropriate instruction is signed by first deputy head of the President’s Office Anatol Rubinau, “Belaruski Partyzan” reports.

According to the document, the Information and Analytical Center is to take the outcomes of the opinion poll into account and prepare a special textbook “Ideology of Belarusian State in Questions and Answers”. The book layout should be ready by March 25th.

Rubinau also ordered to “systematically carry out polls on the problems that students are concerned about, and, when holding special information days in educational establishments, to pay special attention to coverage of the urgent political and socio-economic problems revealed during such polls”.  


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