Officers speak Belarusian with Zmitser Zhaleznichenka

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Deputy Head of BPF Party Aliaksei Yanukevich and executive secretary of BPF Uladzimir Labkovich visited the military unit in Zhlobin, where Zmitser Zhaliznichenka was sent for service. Zmitser Zhaleznichenka is a member of BPF, a straight-A student, who had just been expelled from Homel State University for his political activity.

Representatives of the party leadership passed the words of support to Zmitser and learned first-hand details about the shameful detention of Zmitser on January 24th, just before he was sent to the army.


“Despite the hunger-strike, Zmitser keeps his chin up”, -- Aliaksei Yanukevich says. – “He is serious about fighting for getting restored in the university once again. He also insists he has the right to receive orders in Belarusian language. He said he was treated well, with respect. Officers speak Belarusian to him.”


Aliaksei Yanukevich and Uladzimir Labkovich urged Zmitser to stop the hunger strike.


Meanwhile, Labkovich is preparing a letter on behalf of BPF leadership to the Minister of Defense of Belarus, with the request to defer Zmitser from military service until the question of his expulsion from university is finally solved.   

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