Zmiter Dashkevich: I’ll work actively from today

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A former political prisoner tells in the interview to Euroradio about what helped him in prison, about the details of his release and his plans.

– What impression do you have of your first day at large?

– I’m glad to see my friends. It’s my greatest impression.

– How were you released? Were there any hints that you would soon be released?

– The hints were that I would be set free after serving the term. I can say the release was a surprise for me. I came for a questioning, but was said that I could go home...

– Did you have information about the events in the country?

– I was receiving many letters, I was subscribed to democratic editions. So I followed the main events.

– What supported you during that time, helped to stand through these troubles?

– Of course, God. And a wide campaign of public solidarity, too.

– Do you need to repair your health?

– No, I feel well. I’ll work actively from today.

– Are you going to have a rest for some time?

– No. I’ve been resting for 16 months. I will deal with the Young Front only.

– Have you attitude towards political activity and political situation changed?

– I can say my worldview has just hardened. The rest remains the same.

– In your view, is it possible that other political prisoners will be released?

– I’d like to believe. Though I take the release of Mikola Autukhovich and me as a political game, but the game which is played by the will of God and due to the public pressure upon the Lukashenka’s regime.

– Is it possible to say it is a concession to Europe?

– “Guarantor of the Constitution” will hardly voluntary reduce 1,5 year of prison to 1 year, as it is in my case.

It should be reminded that youth leader Zmiter Dashkevich was suddenly released yesterday evening. He was serving his punishment in the Shklou colony for activity on behalf of unregistered organisation. Zmiter was to spend 2 more months in colony.