‘Young Front’ Makes Graffiti in Support of Artur Finkevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Graffiti ‘Freedom for Finkevich!’ and slogans ‘Finkevich should be released! Kuzkou – to prison!’

In such a way members of the Young Front continue their campaign in support of one of their leaders.

Bear in mind that on 20 December that Artur Finkevich was sentenced to 1.5 year of imprisonment just after he had served his 2-years term of restraint for graffiti ‘We’ve had enough!’ and ‘We want a new one!’ he made ahead of presidential election-2006. After announcement of unlawful judgment, his friends declared holding a campaign of defense the youngest political prisoner in Belarus.

As it was said earlier, police major Siarhei Kuzkou gave evidence against Artur Finkevich. According to the information of the press service of the Young Front, a criminal case ‘for official misconduct’ against Kuzkou was allegedly stopped because of his help to secret services.

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