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New Action in Support of Artur Finkevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 January a banner with a slogan ‘Freedom to Finkevich!’ was placed by Young Front activists in the center of Minsk at maxim Bahdanovich and Vera Kharuzhaya streets crossing.

The banner stayed there for about half an hour. Numerous passers-by saw the banner as it appeared when people returned from work. Later the streamer was removed by policemen. In this way Yong Front members continue their daily campaign in defense of the youngest political prisoner of Belarus, one of the leaders of the youth national movement Artur Finkevich. He had been sentenced to 1,5 years of jail for alleged violations of the regime in the corrective labor facility. Earlier the young leader was sentenced to 2 years of corrective labor for spray painting a slogan ‘We want a new one!’ and ‘Fed up with him!’

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