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UN General Assembly condemned violation of human rights in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The United Nations General Assembly voted 72-33 with 78 abstentions in favor of resolution condemning violation of human rights in Belarus. The document was approved by a majority vote.

Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and others voted against the document. In response, the US representative in the UN called Belarus “the last dictatorship in Europe,” Telegraf reports.

Thus the voyage of the deputy head of the presidential administration Natallia Piatkevich to the UN General Assembly session had no result. And what result could it have, when the chief initiator of the dialogue between the regime and the opposition in the country Viktar Ivashkevich is imprisoned? Is it hard to understand that human rights must be simply respected, and dust shouldn't be thrown in the eyes of the international community?

The Charter’97 press center said earlier that the UN Third Committee adopted a draft resolution, spearheaded by the US, which condemns violation of human rights in Belarus. The resolution alleged that systemic violation human rights, oppression and persecution of media, the opposition and rights activists continue in Belarus.

The resolution says the presidential election on 19 March, 2006 were “severely flawed due to arbitrary use of state power" and failed to meet obligations of Belarus in frames of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on holding free and fair election.

The UN expresses “deep concern” about the ongoing use of judicial means to “silence political opposition and human rights defenders” including using of arbitrary detentions, disregard of proper legal procedures and closed trials over leading figures of the opposition and human rights activists.

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