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Homel: Authorities Warn Entrepreneur

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An activist of the movement For Free Business Iryna Kaminskaya has been summonsed to Homel oblast executive committee and warned that he would be taken to account for mass riot, in the case it will come to this on 10 December. 

The entrepreneur thinks that Homel authorities are afraid of unauthorized actions of entrepreneurs dated to the Universal Day of Human Rights. 

Bear in mind that on 30 November Iryna’s car was stopped by the road police and taken to a police department. Her car was searched. The police confiscated from her about 300 copies of an address to the entrepreneurs informing them about the upcoming action in Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. Iryna says, that as soon as the information about confiscation of the leaflets appeared in the internet, many Homel entrepreneurs asked her to meet with them. 

‘My colleagues from the markets of Homel asked me to meet with them and discuss the perspectives of the development of small business after the enforcement of presidential decree #760. I appointed a meeting to them near Homel oblast executive committee (OEC), from where we could come to some café and have a talk there. However, on 4 December I was summonsed to the economy department of the OEC and asked what for was I going to hold a mass action near the administrative building. I explained that there would be no action, just a meeting of people in the street and asked whether it was prohibited by the law. Today six policemen have kept a duty near my house since 11.15 a.m., not letting me to leave my house,’ said Iryna Kaminskaya.

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