Supreme Court Turns up Complaint of Union of Left Forces against Non-registration

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On 14 November the Supreme Court of Belarus did not grant the complaint of the Union of Left Forces against the decision of the Ministry of Justice not to register this alliance of parties.


The acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Anatol Liaukovich is one of the six plaintiffs. He calls the verdict of the Supreme Court ‘traditional’ and points that the court concentrated on the ‘technical and orthographic details’ of the suit, not on its essence.


‘In fact, the court was reduced to verification of dots and commas in the documents… The representative of the Ministry of Justice considered these issues as very important. The question is completely different – why the Union of Left Forces is not registered for the second time already? Was at least one oppositional organization registered for the last ten years? The answer is ‘no’. That’s why I don’t think that the authorities will register at least any organizations who are even slightly opposing to the regime. They won’t register party alliances either. That’s the problem,’ commented Liaukovich.


The establishers of the ULF intend to file another suit, this time against the verdict of the Supreme Court. ‘Though yesterday’s decision of the Supreme Court of Belarus can’t be complained against in the cassation order, we intend to do it in the review order and apply to the chairman of the Supreme Court. In the case of a negative result we will apply to the UN Human Rights Committee. The refusal to register the union won’t stop our regular activity on the left wing of the political field of Belarus,’ he added.