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Tsentralny Court of Homel Upholds Zhaleznichenka’s Expulsion from University

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On 5 November the judge of Tsentralny court of Homel Alena Tsalkova turned up the complaint of the expelled third-year student of the mathematical faculty of Homel State University Zmitser Zhaleznichenka.

Bear in mind, that the deputy chairperson of Homel oblast youth local core organization Talaka and the deputy chairperson of the BPF Youth (youth wing of the BPF Party) Zhaleznichenka was expelled from the university on 7 September. He showed and excellent progress and did not miss any classes without a good excuse during the last two semesters.

The university administration stated that the student had been expelled for systematic violations of the internal regulations. In his staff report to the rector the dean of the mathematical faculty Siarhei Zhohal mentioned a rebuke that had been received by Zhaleznichenka in November 2006 for refusal to give explanations concerning the missed classes, and the verdict of Homel oblast economic court to fine Zhaleznichenka for illegal business activity (the activist was one of the organizers of a concert of the Belarusian bards on 23 June 2007 in Homel – he posted the ads and sold several tickets).

In his complaint against the expulsion Zhalezhnichenka stated that the reprimand was a disciplinary measure and the verdict of the economic court was an administrative one, that’s why there are no ‘systematic violations’. He also stated that according to the Administrative Code illegal business activity is not classified as a crime attempting on the public order.

At the trial the dean of the mathematical faculty confessed that he ‘somewhat incorrectly qualified Zhaleznichenka’s administrative violation’, but stated that in general the expulsion was fair.

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