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Orphanage Prohibited to Receive Aid from BPF

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From spring 2007 the Party of Belarusian Popular Front collected aid for seriously ill children and orphans and gave it to children who were in need. However, Miadzel “vertical” administration ordered the local orphanage to refuse from aid.


-- Before the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster we announced collection of material aid for young patients of the onco-hematologic children’s hospital in Barauliany, -- BPF leader Vincuk Viacorka says, -- People brought aid literally every day. We brought the collected things to Barauliany, and decided that kind of aid should not stop. After that we brought the collected aid to three different institutions of different regions. However, we ran into a problemwe expected.


Some heads of medical institutions sincerely thanked us for our efforts but were afraid that the authorities would learn about that, and that would harm them. We are tired of conspiracy, and decided to act openly. Knowing that miadzel orphanage needs aid, we wrote a letter to Nadzeya Heranovich, who is responsible for ideology in the local administration. And she… prohibited the orphanage to receive aid on the ground that… they have no material problems and do not need any help!


Nowhere in the world, even in the wealthiest countries institutions for orphan children are happy to receive aid! Besides that, the people sincerely want to help. Is the orphanage in Miadzel really luxuriating?

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