Civil Society Defends Alena Makarevich

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Under pressure of the civic society administration of high school #199 refused from its earlier decision to expel 11th grade student Alena Makarevich.

Alena Makarevich is a member of Young Front. In the morning the school administration showed the student an order about her expulsion. The reason for expulsion was Alena’s participation in the European March on October 14th. At 2 p.m. a conversation was held in the office of the school administration. Alena’s parents, KGB officers, and representatives of the Ministry of Education participated in the conversation. Immediately after the negotiations school principal Vasil Hryb told Radio Racyja that they would not exclude the girl from school.

Alena Makarevich says: “All day long deputy principal took me from one room to another. She asked my class teacher to write a reference about me. Then she tore it pieces. Thanks God, everything turned out alright.” Alena says she escaped expulsion only thanks to public reaction to her case.