Zmitser Padrez Expelled from College

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The story of detention of Zmitser Padrez, activist of For Freedom Movement, in Miadzel on October 6th had an ending which is quite usual for Belarus. Today the administration of his university (Belarusian State Technical University) informed him about the decision to expel him. The official reason is “violation of the standing orders of the university”. However, the real reason is the “signal” by Miadzel police to the college administration.


Let us remind you, during Zmitser’s detention the police draw up a report about an administrative violation. Later the police decided to drop the charges. The case was stopped, and the charges were dropped.


Zmitser Padrez hasn’t yet decided on his further actions. He will possibly try to appeal; to court, just as Yury Aleinik expelled from the Academy of Management, did. However, no positive result of the efforts of Yury and his lawyers to defend his rights in court pushes to choose another option – to continue studies abroad.   

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