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Justice Department Concludes Amicable Agreement with Supolnasc

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Today the justice department of Minsk city executive committee agreed with the proposed conditions of amicable agreement with Civic Society Center Supolnasc NGO

Minsk city court finished the hearing about closure of Supolnasc NGO.

“That means, in 15 days we have to present all the documents which they inquired about and we failed to present because we haven't received the inquiry. We will also correct the technical violations which led to the fact that we don’t receive mail. The justice department agreed not to file a suit against Supolnasc on that ground”, -- Yuras Chavusau, representative of the NGO, said.

On Jume 22nd officials of Minsk city executive committee’s justice department had three claims to Supolnasc. According to the first one, members of the organization failed to respond to their letters. The second claim stated that one of the organization members was not registered in Minsk. The third one was about the fact that Supolnasc was a founder of the Assembly of Non-governmental Organizations.

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