Navapolatsak Activists Tried for Violation of Procedure of Recalling MPs

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Today Navapolatsak city court began to hear the administrative case about violation of the Administrative Code. Three civic activists – Valer Shauchenka, Ihar Sukharukau, and Anton Yasinovich – are to be tried.

The case of Valer Shauchenka is to be heard by judge Piatro Liauchonak. Ihar Sukharukau, and Anton Yasinovich will be tried by judge Alexander Fedziukevich.

During the morning session, which lasted for three hours, the judges heard the evidence given by witnesses. Then a break was announced.

From June 27th to July 27th Navapolatsak activists organized a month of protest against benefit cuts. Among other actions, the activists organized signature collection for recalling MPs who supported the benefit cuts. In the opinion of the authorities, the organizers of the action did not complete all the necessary legal procedures, envisaged by the Election Code. The activists were charged with violation of Article 9.10 of the Administrative Code – violation of the procedure of recalling members of parliament.

This is the first case of the kind in Belarus.