Homel Region Prosecutor’s Office Warns Ales Karniyenka for Cooperation with Foreign Mass Media

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The warning is signed by deputy prosecutor of Homel region V. Marozau. It was issued on September 21st. According to the document, the regional prosecutor’s office carried out an examination “on the materials presented by Homel region KGB department” and found out, Ales Karniyenka had “worked for Radio Racyja (Poland) without credentials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. In the opinion of the prosecutor’s office, by that he violated item 9 of the Ruling about presence and professional activity of representation offices and reporters of foreign mass media accredited in the Republic of Belarus.

Ales Karniyenka received a warning from prosecutor’s office investigator Alesia Rabtsava. She demonstrated printouts from Radio Racyja web-site, signed by journalist Ales Radkevich. The investigator tried to find out information about the relation of Ales Karniyenka to Radio Racyja and A. Radkevich. However, he refused to answer these questions.

“All materials of the examination by the prosecutor’s office are based on the testimony of three people, two of whom I had interviewed. According to the investigator, they all made written complaints that I had allegedly violated their rights by publishing their statements in the materials for foreign mass media. I warned them that I speak with them as a journalist but I had never presented myself as a Radio Racyja reporter. I expected that they would demonstrate an expert examination of the voice of Ales Radkevich which would coincide with the voice of Ales Karniyenka, but they didn’t have any proofs”, -- Ales Karniyenka pointed out in a conversation with press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.