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‘Refusal to Give Pension Bonuses to Children of the Repressed Is Symptomatic’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Constitutional Court did not confess the right of the children of the persons who underwent repressions during the Soviet rule to receive increased pensions. A writer and researcher of the repressions Leanid Marakou calls such verdict a legal boundlessness. 

The court stated that the reason for its decision was that the Supreme Soviets of Belarus of the 12th and 13th Convocations issued legal acts about equality of the privileges to the children who were kept in jail together with their parents and who were left without parents, but failed to specify the executing organs and the sources of financing. 

The proposal to increase pensions to the children of all rehabilitated repression victims (not only those who were kept in prisons and camps together with their parents) was made by the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly. It is quite interesting that this proposal was also supported by KGB. 

‘Even KGB, the descendents of those who are responsible for the bloody terror, weren’t against adding these 10 dollars to the pensions of the children of the repressed people. KGB workers know pretty well about the broken lives of these children, how they were thrown out of the parents’ houses and doomed to hunger and wandering… They should receive not 10, but at least 250 dollars for it, but were not given even a kopek. Is our state so poor? There are very few such children now, they are 70 and older. Such court verdict is symptomatic. I would put those who issued it on a special list to write a book about them. 

In her interview with BelaPAN the chair of the department of pension laws of the main department of pensions and social insurance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Larysa Yashkova said that as of August 2007 there were registered 6 624 repressed persons and their children who received pension bonuses, the sum of which is about 23 170 rubles (about 10 US dollars).

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