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Andrei Tsianiuta Complains to Prosecutor’s Office, KGB Answers instead

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On 12 September the public activist Andrei Tsianiuta received an answer from Homel oblast KGB office to his complaint to the prosecutor’s office. 

Andrei Tsianiuta asked the prosecutor’s office to check the legality of his interrogation by unidentified persons in Homel State Technical University. 

On 2 August, before an entrance exam to the university, he was interrogated for two hours by unknown persons who introduced themselves as KGB workers but did not show any documents. They asked him about his public activity and membership in different parties and NGOs. They also threatened him with beating and problems in life and studies. 

The surname of the chairman of Homel oblast KGB office Ivan Korzh is printed under the text of the answer. Then there stands the signature of an unknown person. The word ‘chairman’ is corrected to ‘vice-chairman’ by handwriting. 

‘The unknown ‘vice-chairman’ informs me that during the conducted check-up no facts pointing at violation of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus by the state security workers were found. He also writes that ‘according to the law of the Republic of Belarus On operative-search activity the empowered duty officials of the security services can hold operative search measures including questioning of citizens’ with the aim to receive useful information’, pointed A.Tsianiuta. 

Bear in mind that during the last three weeks the activist was six times detained by the police for different reasons. In particular, at 6 a.m. on 6 September he was detained by the police on suspicion in a rape. 40 minutes later he was released and the policemen even offered apologies to him. A.Tsianiuta is of the opinion that these detentions are related to his complaint against the security services.

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