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For Freedom! Movement Tries to Obtain State Registration again

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On 12 September Aliaksandr Milinkevich and his allies passed to the Ministry of Justice a packet of documents for registration of the human rights and educational public association For Freedom! Movement. It is already the second attempt to get the NGO registered.

The official decision on the establishment of the association was taken at the constituent assembly that took place on 11 August in Zaslauye and was attended by 74 persons. There assembly participants adopted the organization charter, elected the governing bodies and the revision commission. Aliaksandr Milinkevich was directed the head of the For Freedom Movement, Yury Hubarevich and Viktar Karniayenka – his deputies, and a Council consisting of representatives of all regions of Belarus. Among the main directions of the NGOs activity there are protection of human rights and liberties, participation in the development of civil society, protection of independence and sovereignty, fostering the establishment of conditions for free and democratic elections.

Bear in mind that the Ministry of Justice has already refused to registered the republican human rights public association For Freedom! Movement. According to the organization founders, the appropriate letter of the ministry does not contain any grounded reasons for the registration refusal. In particular, the ministry has no pretensions concerning the legality of the aims, objectives and the methods of the NGO’s activity. On 19 September the Supreme Court of Belarus will start consideration of the suit of the republican human rights association For Freedom! Movement against the ruling of the Ministry of Justice to refuse registration to it.

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