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Public Activists of Homel Open Public Reception

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The public reception has been established by the activists of the republican public association Civil Forum. The presentation of the project entitled Let’s Defend Ourselves Together was held on 9 September. 

As said by an activist of the Civil Forum Piatro Kuzniatsou, the public reception will give consult youngsters on all kinds of legal and domestic issues. ‘We also intend to hold educational seminars with daily topics every month. The autumn has come and the graduates have arrived to the places of their assignment. That’s why our first meeting was dedicated to the labor legislation. In 2008, on the eve of the parliamentary election, we plan to hold seminars on human rights, national and international mechanisms for their defense,’ commented Kuzniatsou.

According to him, the public reception will work in a hotline regime. People will be able to appoint a meeting or receive an immediate consultation from the lawyers of the Civil Forum. In special cases the applicants will be directed to members of the regional public association Legal Initiative. Civil Forum also intends to cooperate with the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

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