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Women’s Party ‘Nadzeya’ Faces Liquidation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A preliminary meeting of the sides of the trial at the Supreme Court of Belarus will take place on 12 September. 

The liquidation is initiated by the Ministry of Justice which has already submitted an appropriate suit to the court. 

‘We have received a copy of the ministry’s suit from the Supreme Court together with a note that the preliminary meeting of the sides will take place at 10.30 a.m. on 12 September. By this time we need to present to the court our objections against the liquidation suit. The suit consists of 7 pages where all our sins since 2002 are described. In 2007 we really received a warning from the ministry for participation in a conference on establishment of the Union of Left Forces in Chernihiv, Ukraine. The ministry also sent to us its pretensions to our regional structures. We answered all these pretensions in conformity with the legislation and informed the ministry about the taken measures. By the way, the suit does not mention that the party has any warnings,’ commented the leader of the party Alena Yaskova.

The Ministry of Justice asks the Supreme Court to liquidate the party referring to article 57 of the Civil Code. This is the article under which the Labor Party has been recently liquidated.

‘This article states that juridical bodies can be liquidated for violations. In the Civil Code it is stated that this article can be used in the case of absence of a special law for regulation of the activity of a juridical body. There is a special law on political parties, so this article can not be used… The suit also refers to article 32 (it is not even said that this is an article of the law on political parties) where the legal reasons for liquidating a party are determined. Our party does not fall under any of these reasons,’ says Yaskova.

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