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Paranoid Behavior of Salihorsk Police

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 31 August the Salihorsk police worked in an emergency regime. Since the early morning they have been controlling the whereabouts of the most active democratic activists of the town. They have waited for them near the porches, phoned to their jobs and homes and detained them. 

In the morning the police detained Ivan Shyla, the leader of Salihorsk Young Front who will stand a criminal trial on 4 September. 

According to the press-service of the Young Front, no actions were planned this day. However, it seems that Salihorsk district police department had other information and they decided to take preventive measures. Usually it is considered that fear is the fate of those who oppose the system, but in this case fear becomes a trait of the state system. The regime does not even know whom and when it must fear. That’s why he watches freedom fighters even when it is not necessary.

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