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Prosecutor’s Office and KGB Put Eye on BUNT

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk city prosecutor’s office summons for interrogations members of an unregistered movement BUNT. Human rights activists do not rule out that soon a new criminal case against youth activists can be brought. 

According to Aleh Hulak, the executive director of Belarusian Helsinki Committee, two girls have been summonsed to the prosecutor’s office for a ‘talk’. The girls applied to BHC, as a result of which the ‘talk’ took place in presence of Aleh Hulak and a human rights activist Tatsiana Hatsura. 

According to Hulak, workers of the prosecutor’s office asked the girls about the movement’s website and the information that was placed there. Mr. Hulak also said that the case was evidently initiated by KGB. ‘The girls received summons from the prosecutor’s office, but everything was organized by KGB workers – they looked for a place in the prosecutor’s office to hold the ‘talk’ and for an official of this organ who could organize the talk’. This guess is supported by the fact that one of the ‘talks’ has not taken place because of absence of a worker of the prosecutor’s office, whereas a KGB worker was present. 

The human rights activist thinks that as a result of such activity of the secret services a criminal case can be brought against members of the unregistered organization. At the same time, BUNT website placed an appeal where it was stated that about ten activists had been summonsed to the prosecutor’s offices and pressurized during the ‘talks’.

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