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Customs Officers Confiscate Materials about Stalin’s Camps

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Workers of Brest customs office confiscated some informational materials from Dzianis Sadouski, secretary of the organizing committee for establishment of Belarusian Christian Democracy Party. 

According to a co-chairman of the organizing committee Aliaksei Shein, the incident took place early in the morning on 14 August in Brest. A group of young politicians headed for Poland for participation in a seminar Perspectives of Christian Democracy in Eastern Europe. On the border the customs officers confiscated from Sadouski CDs with information about Stalin’s repressions, works by a famous Belarusian writer Vasil Bykau and informational materials of a campaign for protection of freedom of conscience aimed at amendment of the present law On freedom of conscience and religious organizations

Mr. Sadouski was detained on the border for more than 2 hours. The border guards also made him write an explanatory note. Only after this could he continue his journey.

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