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State Sells Old Palace and Park Complex by Auction

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This historical monument is situated in the village of Kraski in Vaukavysk district. At present it is in a rather bad state. That’s why the culture department of Vaukavysk district executive committee (DEC) decided to put it to an auction. The deputy chair of the DEC Uladzimir Zakharchuk said that the authorities had no money for restoration of the palace which turns into ruins. The palace was built in the 19th century by the Sehens’ kin and is one of the best examples of neo-gothic style in Belarus. On the other hand, the park is in quite a good state and has many exotic trees in it. 

The local citizens say that most probably the park complex would be bought by Russians for the money earned on oil. The starting price is 450 million rubles (about 205 000 US dollars). The new owners can reconstruct the historical monument according to their liking, as a result of which it could be lost for the Belarusian culture. Besides, ordinary citizens would be deprived of the possibility to visit it. 

At present Vaukavysk authorities are waiting for a decision of the Ministry of Culture and prepare the legal basis for the sale.

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