Musicians Fired for Performing at Basovishcha Rock Festival

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The vocalist of Stsiana rock band Pavel Prokharau and its drummer Aliaksei Kuzniatsou work as sound-engineers at Brest state TV studio. Recently they have been informed that on 8 August they will be fired for ‘absenteism from work which resulted in violation of the working discipline’ (paragraph 5 of article 48 of the Labor Code). 

The matter is that the musicians left for Basovischa rock festival held on 19-20 July without an official permission of the studio administration. The studio staff has composed a written appeal to the administration with the request not to fire the workers. There is still no answer.

The same thing happened to Maksim Litvinets, the guitarist of the rock band BN from Biaroza. He works as an engineer at Pramen collective factory. On his return from the festival he found out he would be fired on the same article of the labor code. In addition, he will have to pay 4 500 Euro to the state for the failure to work for 2 years at the job to which he was placed by the state after getting a higher education paid from the budget.