Celebration of 27 July to Take Place despite Any Obstacles

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In spite of preventive arrests of many activists the democratic opposition is still going to celebrate 27 July, the day when the State sovereignty declaration was signed in 1990. 

The organizers of the celebration intend to hold a meeting of youth with deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th Convocation, who signed the declaration. The meeting is to take place at 4 p.m. on 27 July near St. Symon and Alena Church. Then flowers will be laid to Yanka Kupala monument. These actions will be held within the limits of the present legislation, without the use of any symbols or sound enhancing equipment.

Bear in mind that Minsk city executive committee prohibited the opposition to hold a concert in Banhalor Square because of alleged preparation of the square to the 940th anniversary of Minsk. The applicants consider the refusal lawless and intend to appeal it to court.

‘In connection with the latest staff changes in the law machinery the new authorities of KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs want to show that they control the situation and the democratic forces will not manage to develop their activities under their rule’, commented the deputy chair of the BPF Party Aliaksei Yanukevich.