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Activists Released, Printed Materials Seized

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Yauhen Prakurat and Illya Shymanski and their colleagues spread brochures “What European Union can give Belarus” near the building of district executive committee in Biaroza. They stood near the building of the local administration and handed over the brochures to the local officials who were passing by. In 15 minutes the police came and took them to the local police station for personal identification. In three hours the police released the activists without drawing up any reports. However, all the brochures had to stay in the police station.  


For Freedom movement is campaigning to inform the Belarusian society about the benefits which Belarus can get from the good-neighbor policy of the EU, if it fulfils the 12 requirements. Activists spread brochures and talk to passers-by about the benefits that our country can get from partnership with the European Union at stops of the public transport, near public buildings and other busy places.  

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