Hrodna: Exhibition of Artist Napaleon Orda Banned

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The plain-air Following Napaleon Orda’s Route which was held at the Hrodna exhibition hall was supposed to be concluded by the today’s exhibition. But it happened so that the organizers were obliged to look for another place. It was a planned event approved by the Hrodna city executive committee half a year ago, but ideological problems have obviously sprung up.

The plain-air was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Society of Polish Artists which now functions under the auspices of the unacknowledged by the Belarusian authorities Union of the Poles of Belarus headed by Anzhalika Borys, Radio Racyja reports.

According to the authorities, the planned speech of Anzhalika Borys at the city exhibition hall could have been finished with a scandal. At least, as director of the hall Iryna Silvanovich informed, she had been warned at the city executive committee that she was personally responsible for everything taking place at the exhibition hall.

Finally the exhibition was opened at the premises of Hrodna regional branch of the United Civil Party. The chairman of the Society of Polish Artists Stanislau Kichka considers it as the best way out of the current situation.