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Experiment Provocation

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Minsk region prosecutor’s office investigates three criminal cases against policemen who violated the law when holding field experiments for revealing corruption and bribery, said Mikalai Pilinkevich, deputy prosecutor of Minsk region.


According to Pilinkevich, in one of the cases the proceedings has been instigated because the policemen held the field actions despite the fact that the prosecutor’s office had not sanctioned them.


In two other cases, the law-enforcement officers demanded from a citizen to admit bribe-taking, using illegal actions. They also provoked and incited a citizen to give a bribe to an official. Pilinkevich claims, the policemen used illegal measures in order to improve the indicators of their job performance.


One of the suspects has been put to a pre-trial isolation ward.


Pilinkevich pointed out, recently the prosecutor’s office of Minsk regions does not sanction field experiments of the police quite frequently, reports BELTA.      



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