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Akrestsina Prison Guards Refuse to Receive Parcel for Ales Kalita

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Chairperson of the Council of BPF Youth Ales Kalita was sentenced yesterday to 15 days in jail. Today the prison guards refused to let him receive a parcel with warm clothes. Ales Kalita was detained near BPF office on July 3rd. He had summer clothes on (shorts and flip-flops).


In the morning of July 5th Ales Kalita’s friends brought a parcel with warm clothes and hygienic means for him. However, the staff of the detention center refused to take the parcel, referring to the fact that only family members have the right to bring parcels.


Human rights defender Uladzimir Labkovich says, this requirement is illegal. It is not based on the Code of Criminal Procedure, which has no requirements as for persons who have the right to bring parcels for the arrested. By refusal to take the parcel the staff of the detention center violates the law and restrict the rights and legal interests of youth leader Ales Kalita.


Yesterday Centralny court of Minsk sentenced Ales Kalita under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code for alleged disorderly conduct to 15 days of jail. His colleague Paval Seradzenka received 10 days of jail on similar charges.

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