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Political Prisoner Artur Finkievich Still in Open-Type Jail

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The department for sentence execution declined the complaint of Artur Finkievich. Finkevich complained against the decision not to release him on parole. The decision was grounded on allegedly inappropriate conduct of Finkievich.

As Artur Finkievich told RFE/RL by phone, the complaint had been written by his lawyer Aliaksandar Haliyeu. According to the letter from the department, Finkievich’s complaint was sent to the President’s Office.

Artur Finkievich was denied release on parole on July 4th.

In May 2006 “Young Front” activist Artur Finkievich was sentenced to 2 years of freedom restriction for political graffiti. Since June 29th, 2006 he has been kept in the Mahiliou open-type prison. He is to be released in December later this year.

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