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Police Persecutes Young Defenders of Hrodna

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Students of Hrodna schools, who take an active part in civic campaign “Let’s Rescue Hrodna”, are invited to juvenile delinquency inspectorate. The police officers want to register the young people as potential delinquents in order to prevent them from participation in defense of their home town.


Nadzeya Krapivina, student of Hrodna school #4, was one of the first to receive summons to the police. On June 4th, Nadzeya participated in a picket against destruction of a historical building in Hrodna. This action will be the main issue to be considered by the juvenile commission.


The commission will gather for a hearing in about three days. Nadzeya Krapivina wants her representatives, including reporters, to participate in the hearing.



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