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Navapolatsak: Protest Action on Independence Day

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One more picket of protest against benefit cuts was carried out in Navapolatsak yesterday. Such actions are carried out in this city every day since June 27th.


Just as during previous days, the picket participants collected signatures under the demand to keep the benefits for pensioners, blood donors, and liquidators of the consequences of Chernobyl disaster. They also collected signatures under petition to recall the member of poarliament from Navapolatsak district because he voted for canceling the benefits. According to Valer Shauchenka, one of the action organizers, several hundred Navapolatsak residents signed put their signatures under the petitions already.


The picket participants also handed out a special newsletter about poverty in which many Navapolatsak pensioners lived. The newsletter also had the contact information of the state officials, where people could send a letter of protest against benefit cuts.


The month of civic protest in sanctioned by the local authorities. It will continue until July 27th.

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