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Artur Finkievich Faces Up to 3 Years of Imprisonment

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Administration of Mahiliou special commandant’s office has 10 days to determine disciplinary punishment for Young Front leader Artur Finkevich for the yesterday’s incident. The story may end with a prison term for the political prisoner.

In the evening, already after the lights-out, Artur entered the next room to ask for a heart medicine. The commandant’s office staff treated it as a violation of the regime and demanded a written explanation from Artur.

“If they decide to impose some penalty on me, it will mean that I’ll be transferred to an investigation isolation cell and then, in the court, new criminal charges will be brought against me – under article 415 of the Criminal Code (evasion or violation of the regime during the imprisonment term). I can be sentence
в up to three years,” - Artur Finkievich says.

From June 29th 2006 youth activist Artur Finkievich is serving a 2-year term of freedom restriction for political graffiti. He has already got three disciplinary penalties, which is enough to be ineligible for amnesty.

The penitentiary institution’s administration has just changed the place of his work. Since June 27th he will work at construction of Shklou paper factory.

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