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Yuras Hubarevich Fined 345 USD

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Brest tax inspectorate continues to examine Brest regional organization of BPF Party. The examination began in the beginning of this year. On June 21st, its chairman Yuras Hubarevich was fined 345 US dollars for violation of accounting rules. “We do not have to do the paperwork which the tax inspectorate demands from us”, -- Hubarevich says, “The regional organization does not have any profit, we do not do any commercial activities. The tax inspectorate has no grounds to demand documents about commercial activity”. Yuras Hubarevich plans to appeal against the fine. “Several city organizations of BPF in Brest region are being examined by tax inspectorate at the moment”, -- he says.

Several months ago the leadership of Brest BPF organization addressed the authorities with an appeal to stop persecution of BPF activists.

“I believe this is their reaction to the appeal. Now they decided to repress the organization as a whole”, -- Hubarevich says.

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