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Academy of Management Flatly Objects to Reinstate Yuras Aleinik

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Yesterday Kastrychnitski court of Minsk held a pre-trial session before the hearing on the suit of Yuras Aleinik against administration of the Academy of Management.

The straight A student was expelled from the higher educational institution for his active civic position. He went to court in the attempt to annul the illegal decision. Yuras Aleinik told the European Radio, during the pre-trial hearing the Academy representative said flat no to the proposal to reinstate him.

Aleinik: “The judge asked right away, if the position of the parties had changed, or whether we were ready to come to an amicable agreement. The representative of the Academy replied that an amicable agreement was not possible, they were not going to restore me, and were preparing for the trial”.

The judge asked the lawyer of the Academy to provide additional documents. That is why the pre-trial hearing will continue on Monday morning. The trial is planned for early July.

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