Pinsk: Satellite Dishes Dangerous to People’s Health

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The newspaper of Pinsk city executive committee and the city deputy soviet Pinski Vesnik placed on the first page of today’s issue an article titled All the fuss about…’satellite’. The head of the housing and communal services of Pinsk Viktar Peryshch gives explanations to the readers.

In particular he states: ‘The housing and exploitation services carry out work on dismantling regular over-the-air antennas that don’t belong to anybody and are do-it-himself antennas and they are situated on the roofs of the main buildings under the jurisdiction of housing and communal services… As far as the satellite TV antennas are concerned they were not even mentioned and there were no order from the higher authorities on their dismantling.’

According t the head of the housing and communal services the necessity to remove antennas emerged in connection with the fact that the roof covering of houses is being damaged.

’As a result of damage the roofs leak and we receive complaints from the dwellers of houses. There were cases when badly secured antennas fell off the roofs and broke window-glass, caused threat to people’s lives and health,’ – informs Viktar Peryshch.

At the same time the deputy head of housing and communal services in Pinsk Mikalai Bazan refused to give information to the employee of the BAJ monitoring service and didn’t comment on the situation in the city with the TV antennas. He said that all the information can be found in the newspaper Pinski Vesnik and advised reading it.