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United Civil Party Demands Urgent Release of Political Prisoner Andrei Klimau

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Statement of the political council of the United Civil Party:

Andrei Klimau, member of the National committee of the United Civil Party, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th Convocation has been kept in hail since 3 April. It is already the third imprisonment for the well-known Belarusian politician. Andrei Klimau is the political prisoner who spent the longest term behind the bars of the Belarusian regime.

The present events around Andrei Klimau can’t but be an attempt of political murder of the politician. He has been kept in a prison hospital for several weeks already because of serious heart problems. No judicially grounded charges have been given to him yet. At the same time, his imprisonment has been prolonged for other three months. We have all grounds for stating that the authorities intend not only to psychologically pressurize Andrei Klimau, but also to inflict the maximally possible physical harm to his health.

United Civil Party demands urgent release of the political prisoner Andrei Klimau. His alleged ‘violations’ are incompatible with such restraint as imprisonment. UCP is ready to act as a collective guarantor that Andrei Klimau will not leave the country in the case he is released from jail for the period of investigation.

United Civil Party urges the international community, human rights associations, international organizations and foreign embassies to take efforts aimed at release of Andrei Klimau and other political prisoners of Belarus from jail. The state of Andrei Klimau’s heath has never been as threatening as now.

United Civil Party urges all concerned people to file with Lukashenka’s administration letters for release of Andrei Klimau and other political prisoners.

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