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Minsk: Authorities Ban Picket for Freedom of Conscience

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


A co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy and an applicant for holding a rally Aliaksei Shein has received a refusal of Minsk city executive committee for holding a picket in defense of freedom of worship. The protest was to take place on 8 June in Banhalor Square in Minsk.

Applicants for the action wanted to protest against violations of believers’ rights, and to attract attention of the society to problems of freedom of conscience in our country.

’The refusal of Minsk city executive committee is based on formal reasons. The regime is not satisfied with preparation of documents,’ Aliaksei Shein told to Radio Racyja. ‘It is obvious that they are afraid of growing public awareness on this subject. This time the picket has been banned, but we are set to apply again.’

It should be noted that it is the second refusal of the authorities. Similar actions had been planned to be held in the end of April on Freedom Square in Minsk. Then the authorities of Minsk denied the application because the picket allegedly could hinder passage of pedestrians.

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