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Machine Operators on Strike Threatened by Dismissal

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A strike of machine operators in the rural cooperative “Varanyany” Astravets district, Hrodna region, continues for the second day. The strikers informed the Charter’97 press-center that 24 workers are taking part in the strike today (while there were 43 of them yesterday). Machine operators are threatened by firing. Days of the strike are considered absence from work. Officials of the region are inactive.

Today strikers have been visited by the head of agriculture department of Astravets regional executive committee. He promised to grapple with the situation, however he hasn’t done anything.

“24 out of 43 machine operators are not working today. People are influenced in different ways: some are asked, some are threatened. Those who are weak-nerved, surrender. Today we have been told that those who wouldn’t start work after 11 a.m. will be called absentees,” the Charter’97 press-center was told by one of the protesters.

Machine operators of the rural cooperative “Varanyany” Astravets district, Hrodna region announced a strike yesterday and refused to work in the field. The protest was caused by illegal dismissals, non-payment of bonuses and cutting down pays by the management of the rural cooperative “Varanyany”.

Machine operators demand the chairman of the cooperative “Varanyany” Uladzimslau Ruk has written a letter of resignation. Machine operators find methods of Uladzimir Ruk illegal. . As said by them, the chairman of the cooperative does not develop the enterprise, but prefers to economize at the expense of employees’ wages.

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