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Anti benefits repeal action broken up

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An action of protest against the repeal of social benefits was to take place on May 20 in Minsk. The place of the action was cordoned off by the police before 200 participants could get there. 7 of them were detained, including BPF members Ales Kalita, Andrus Sarotnik, Franak Viachorka, Andrus Ihnatovich, Andrus Ihnatchyk, Mikalai Yakushau. The youngsters were taken to Savetski borough board of internal affairs where they were kept for 5 hours. Meanwhile the remaining participants were walking towards Yanka Kupala park to hold the planned action. However they were forced to leave the park by the police.

The action did take place in Independence square where the youth sang songs and danced. After that they went along Independence avenue yelling ‘No benefits, no tickets!’. Near the KGB building they were stopped and beaten by the police. The action ended in Niamiha street where 12 more people were detained but soon released.

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