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Liquidator of Chernobyl Consequences Aliaksandr Valchanin Couldn’t Get to Meeting with Commission of Chamber of Representatives

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The deputy chair of the presidential administration Natallia Piatkevich together with deputies from the commission of the National Assembly on labor, social defense, affairs of veterans and disabled persons met with representatives of NGOs who represent the interests of the social strata the benefits to which the state intends to liquidate.

The resident of Zhodzina Aliaksandr Valchanin, head of the initiative group for establishment of association of liquidators of the consequences of Chernobyl accident, has been invited to the meeting as well, but wasn’t let to it.

‘My surname has been crossed out from the list of the invited persons. The interests of liquidators were allegedly represented by somebody else, though the authorities insistently invited me on behalf of the presidential administration and the Chamber of Representatives. As I learned, the alternative view was represented by members of Autohraf Charnobylia. Few people have even heard of such organization. Five minutes to eleven I met Natallia Piatkevich in the hall of the House of the Parliament and asked what was happening. She promised to discriminate in the situation. However, when they ‘discriminated’, I stood behind the doors of the meeting. It is not me who was not admitted to it, I represent the real liquidators, who sacrificed their health and lives for the lives of these officials,’ commented Valchanin.

The liquidator says he still has something to propose to the authorities: ‘First of all, it is necessary to preserve the pensions and the sanatorium-and-spa treatment, the status of liquidator and the yearly rest’, he said.

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