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Belarusian Authorities Accused of Illegal Arms Trade again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The human rights organization Amnesty International has published a report in which it stated that Russia and China are the biggest arms suppliers for Sudan. Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are mentioned as well.

In March 2005 the UN Security council adopted resolution #1591 which introduces embargo to arms trade with Sudan and demands from Khartoum to receive the UN permission for moving arms to Darfur province in the west of the country, where since February 2003 the armed clashes between the Arab pro-governmental militia and the insurgents have last. As a result during the last four years about 200 000 perished there and 2.5 million became refugees. At the end of the last year the extremists and the Sudan government agreed to stop fighting. However, according to the UN information, both parts have violated the agreement.

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