Tatsiana Seviarynets Sues Education Department

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Source: www.charter97.org

Tatsiana Seviarynets, mother of the politician Pavel Sevyarinets, applied to the Pervamaiski court of Vitsebsk; she claims to reemploy her as a teacher in a secondary school.

The teacher with a 35-year teaching experience was fired for supposed unexcused absence from work: head of Pervamaisky educational department Uladzimir Shloma had signed T.Sevyarinets’ application for an unpaid leave but after several days annulled his decision. Thus, after returning to work Tatsiana Seviarynets got to know that she had missed 6 working days without any excuse. The teacher will be defended in court by well-known Vitsebsk lawyer Mikhail Zamalin. Parents of schoolchildren from her previous working place where she taught the Russian language and literature are going to come to the court, RFE/RL reports.

The schoolchildren of the fifth form where she was their class tutor also decided to defend their teacher and sent a letter to the education minister Aliaksandr Radzkou. The children have not got the answer to their request to leave their favorite teacher at school, yet.