Parents of Tatsiana Seviarynets’ Pupils Address Education Minister and Presidential Administration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi

Tatsiana Seviarynets is mother to the leader of Young Front Pavel Seviarynets, who is doing corrective labor in the northern Belarus. She taught Russian language and literature at secondary school #40 of Vitsebsk. Two weeks ago she was fired for ‘missing the classes’.

‘During the spring vacations I was going to the seminar ‘Children in the education system’ which was held in Warsaw. The schoolmaster let me take a leave of absence at my own expense. At first my application was signed by the chair of Pershamaiski education department of Vitsebsk Uladzimir Shloma. However, after I bought tickets I was told that the decision was annulled,’ said Tatsiana Seviarynets.

At first she was taken aback, but he had the permission, signed by the administration, in her hands. She went to the seminar and visited the grave of her grandfather, Orthodox priest.

After she returned back, she was fired. The whole 5A grade stood for her. The children wrote a letter to Uladzimir Shloma, with the following beginning: ‘Please, don’t fire our headmaster Tatsiana Seviarynets. She is like mother to us…’.

‘At the parents’ assembly we decided to struggle for the teacher till the end’, said mother of one of the pupils, Alena Douhaya. The parents met with Uladzimir Shloma. He told them that the permission to Tatsiana Seviarynets was signed by his secretary. After this the parents wrote a letter to the education minister, asking him to discriminate in the situation. The letter was signed by 36 people. A copy was directed to the presidential administration.