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Mahiliou: KGB Continues Recruiting Students

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

This time KGB agents decided to try recruiting the fourth-year student of Belarusian-Russian University Stanislau Yesipouski. A week ago after classes the deputy dean of the motor mechanic faculty Vital Artsiomchyk invited the student to his office, where two unknown men in mufti were waiting. They proposed to him cooperation with KGB.

It’s not the first attempt to recruit the activist. Two years ago they tried to do it when he was a Zubr activist. Now they proposed him to collect information against his former coordinator Iauhen Suvorau, who two weeks ago was elected deputy chair of the local branch of the youth wing of the BPF Party.

Yesipouski refused from collaboration and informed Suvorau and other friends about the incident. However, last Friday the KGB agents came again. Despite the fact that he told him about his ‘self-disclosure’ they called him a ‘cute guy’ and proposed to cooperate, as after such actions he would be beyond suspicion. Moreover, they promised to give him the telephone numbers of the youth activists about whom they wanted him to gather information, and appointed a new meeting on the next Friday.

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